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We're a small agile development team located in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Web & mobile development

We believe that the web and mobile platforms are great means of communication, so we specialize in delivering solutions for both using the latest technologies available.

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Agile-fu masters

We guide all our work through agile principles:
communication, commitment and continuous improvement are
the foundations for the success of our projects.

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Web development
Mobile development
Music composition
Agile love
Our philosophy

Web development

The web is our home – we feel comfortable in it. As a consequence, developing for it is one of our biggest abilities.

Keeping up-to-date on the latest web technologies is a daily task for us, always focusing on how to use them correctly for each project.

We love to work on nicely designed web applications using state-of-the-art techniques provided by HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Depending on each project's needs we select the best server-side technology. Most of our work is done in Ruby on Rails and Node.js, but we are savvy about other options as well.

We believe in web standards. That's why we work using HTML5 and CSS3 at their full potential. No Flash here, sorry.


Being nerdy as we are, we could't help feeling curious about those little boxes that everybody loves to tap their fingers on and, as everybody knows, after curiosity comes knowledge.

We've developed great understanding of mobile development, mostly on iOS and Android.

Usually we like to work in challenging projects like games or highly integrated apps that do geolocation, media (image, sound and video) processing and socialness.


When we were envisioning what the company would be like, we wanted it to be a place where all members could develop their abilities.
Almost everyone at is also a musician, and some of our team members have deep knowledge of composition, so we decided to provide services related to music production as well.

Our composing team works hard on always finding the best score and music to go with each project.

We take the necessary time and effort to make each score special and unique.

Our composition services include:

  • Music/audio for games, mobile apps and websites.
  • Film and documentary scoring
  • Publicity spots
  • Voice talent
  • Audiosymbols

Our philosophy


When we knew we were going to build a company together, we took a chance with the option of becoming a cooperative.

We differ from usual companies in many aspects, but chief among them are the facts that we frown upon hierarchies that could foster negative feelings among members and put our biggest efforts in helping each other.

The flower in concrete

One of our goals is to become an organization everybody is proud to work in.

We provide an organizational framework for every member to achieve their personal goals and help others grow as well, both in professional and human aspects.

We're not human resources. We're human beings... a bit nerdy, but beings nonetheless.

Our secret love for agile

We strongly believe that agile methodologies are the answer to recurring problems in software development.

That's why uses Scrum as a framework to manage its projects and implements agile development best practices.

As a consequence, all the software produced by meets high quality and reliability standards.

Plus, agile methodologies help people get in touch and know each other better: in communication we trust.

Cooperativa de Trabajo Limitada
Alem 263, casa “C”
San Isidro, Buenos Aires (1642)